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You Need This Book

consolation snacks
by hassen saker with drawings by Don Riggs
a Furniture Press Book
Release: July 8, 2017

Hassen Saker is a transmedia creator, working in texts, audio, photography, film, performance and ephemeral acts. She is the author of the chapbook Salem from Belladonna, the poetry triptych, Sky Journal, from Dusie Press, and a forthcoming book of poetry from Least Weasel.

Saker has shown her photography in group shows and solo exhibitions. For her art film projects, in addition to producing and directing, she writes, scores, shoots, and edits the short films, which have been featured online, in public art spaces and screenings, and performed live in collaboration with other artists. The short poem-film, Solastalgia, a collaboration with poet Deborah Poe, will soon be featured on

Since 2006 Saker has been a green business owner, committed to the core values and large impact of independent business adhering to a Triple Bottom Line to create an ethical economy.
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